Sunday, April 2, 2017

Trip to Susukang Waterfall at Bengoh Dam

Chances to go to these kind of places is rare and difficult. It's not as easy as going to Vivacity or Mydin. If nobody organizes a trip to these outdoor places, there might be no way for you to go there by yourself, no matter how hard you try~
Thanks to Sarawak Tourism (do you smell sarcasm here?).

When I got an opportunity to visit in one of my off days, i seized the opportunity.

The whole thing cost RM58. You need to hire a guard to take you there and provide the boat ride

Duration of the trip
Batu 10 to Bengoh Dam - 30 min
Boat ride - 30 minutes
After landed, 30 minutes hike to Curtain Waterfall
From Curtain Waterfall, another 30 minutes hike to Susukang Waterfall

We arrived at Bengoh Damafter about 30 minutes drive from Batu 10, Kuching.

Bengoh Dam boat ride
After that, we take a boat ride 30 minutes from Bengoh Dam


After another 30 minutes of hiking, we reached Curtain Waterfall
Curtain Waterfall


Susukang Waterfall 

This is the most dangerous and challenging part, lucky nobody falls

Susukang Waterfall rocks

Bengoh Dam, on the way back home

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